Christmas Trees

Our Story

The members who started the Rotorua East Bowling Club had foresight – and depleted pockets – by the time they had built and furnished the premises.

An area to the rear of the clubhouse was destined to be a third bowling green… but time and money was running out. And two greens were sufficient at that time to cope with members playing needs.

That’s when some lateral thinking emerged: why not turn this area into a money earning space?

The Rotorua area is the epicentre of forestry in New Zealand so why not grow Christmas tree pines. We now have over 1,000 trees of different ages and sizes to choose from. They are alive and thriving up to the minute you come in with us to select YOUR tree – then we cut it down – and you take it home right away.  And we give you information as to how to look after the tree as well.

So come to the Bowling Club at 26 Warwick Drive, Lynmore in December … Mum, Dad and all the family (even the dog!) and have a fun half hour in our mini-forest before you have the real fun of decorating your tree at home.