We have a number of membership options available depending on how active you wish to be.

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Membership fees for 2020/2021 season are as follows:
Full Member – $120 per year
A Full Playing Member means a person who wishes to enjoy the full playing and privileges of the Club and who is entitled to play at other affiliated Clubs, enter Club Championships, Centre, Regional and/or National tournaments and events.

Limited Playing Member – $60 per year
A Limited Playing Member means a person who wishes to play bowls at their Club only, including specific club tournaments and events but may not participate in club championships, centre or national events, or at any event at another bowling club.

Associate Member – $60 per year
An Associate Member is any full member of any other club which is a Member of Bowls NZ who wishes to play at REBC. An Associate Member may enter into specific bowling competitions, tournaments or matches held by the Club but cannot represent the Club in other competitions, tournament and matches.

Social Members – $30 per year
A Social Member means a person who does not wish to play bowls but wishes to enjoy an ongoing association with a Club including participating in social activities at the Club.